Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What To Do, When Nature Comes For Compassion

Have you ever had a hungry animal park on your doorstep? Or maybe you found a deserted baby animal in the forest. It pulls on the heart doesn’t it?  These experiences remind me that there are angels around checking our compassion levels. Yesterday we here at Mancos State Park took a trip up to Lone Mesa State Park together. There are some old cabins on the property from ranches long past. We were exploring one such homestead and a bat came flying by low to the ground in what was of course broad daylight. We were all in wonder about that! Then it landed on the ground practically at our feet so we took a picture of it. I intuitively knew something was amiss with it and sent it love. It flew away to a tree and we reviewed the pictures as we drove away. One in our group got a picture of it flying away and noticed a hole in one of its wings! So now it made since to us all. I and my fiance sent it Reiki energy and Love Light immediately. I still had it on my mind last night and sent more energy to it for perfection. We felt that it came to us just for that, just so we could know to send it compassion and love from our hearts to it. Bless us all!
Peace and blessings,
The Peaceful Wanderer
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