Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! No Worries!

Do you feel overwhelmed at a particular situation in your life? Is there something constantly in the back of your mind that won't let you really relax because you are afraid? There is a wisdom that says, flush out the fear or worry with Light. We "think" we see all kinds of things at night out here in our park in Mancos. For instance, just this morning while I was outside practicing QiGong it was still pretty dark. I just knew our visiting bear was coming around the corner soon and I was super alert just in case. But now, it is lighter and I see there was no bear, what I saw was just a bush across the way. Courageously facing a worry or fear is to look at it with the Light of Christ within us. Even facing physical issues this is still true. Nothing inside us is separate from Divinity. If we think it is then we must change the way we think, which then turns the Light on. Then we see clearly that there are no lions, tigers and bears! There indeed are no worries! These things can not present themselves in any harmful way in the presence of Light. Be Light and Be Blessed!
Peace and blessings,
The Peaceful Wanderer
Elizabeth An Heard- Author, Speaker

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