Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fresh Air

Take a deep breath! Know you are a whole brilliant bit of Love! We sometimes need a fresh perspective just as we need fresh air. Our  thoughts might be about family, or work, or politics, but we must freshen them up just the same. How do we show appreciation to those we work with or live with? What can we change in our inner being that will help how we see our situations. Do we carry heart aches that we need to let go of so that we can "breathe" easier? Our thoughts make up our environment so if we freshen our thoughts then we make fresh our whole existence . We can choose to know that all is perfect, or we can choose dissatisfaction, however, choosing perfection thoughts will take us farther in living the Love that we are made of! A blissful bit of fresh air indeed!
Peace and blessings,
The Peaceful Wanderer
Elizabeth An Heard- Author, Speaker

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